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AKG | indbygning dæmpet bordmont. til tynde svanehalse

Elastic shock mount unit for all Discreet Acoustics GN modules

AKG C7 | mikrofonhoved til DMS800/WMS4500

The AKG C7 WL1 reference condenser microphone head delivers premium studio-quality condenser sound and hassle-free operation on any stage. With pristine clarity and sparkling high end, the C7 allows lead and background vocals to shine through. And thanks to specially engineered circuitry and custom-designed components, C7 prevents feedback and pop noise from interfering with your performance.

AKG H500 | indbygning, dæmpet bordmont. til svanehalse

Elastic shockmount for GN15 E, GN30 E, GN50 E and 5-pin versions

AKG H85 | dæmpet snorophæng til bla C414

Universal shock mount for all microphones with shaft diameters from 19mm to 26mm (3/4" to 1"), such as the C414 XLS and the C414 XLII.

AKG SA60 mikrofonholder til smalle mikrofoner

Stand adapter for straight shaft mics & GN*E*

AKG SA63 mikrofonholder til C1000S og WMS håndmikrofon

Stand adapter for C 1000 S incl. LED and/or WMS handheld transmitters

AKG ST45 | Mikrofonholder bordplade 11,5cm rund

Low profile" table stand

AKG ST6 | Mikrofon holder til bord, 3 pin XLR

Professional Tabletop Stand for use with all 3 pin XLR microphones

AKG STS DAM+ bord holder til DAM+ moduler

Professional Tabletop Stand for use with DAM+ modules and derivates; for use with GN15/30/50 M goosenecks only.

Sennheiser MZH 604 | Trommebeslag til e604 og e904

Microphone shock mount clamp for a drum rim. A straight upright bracket allows an engineer to get really close to the skin without reverting to a conventional mic stand, saving space.

Sennheiser MZH 908B | Instrumentbeslag til e908

Microphone horn clamp for attaching the e 908 or the e 608 to the bell of a brass instrument. Clamp is an included accessory of the e 908 B. The microphone is not included.