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JBL 3635 | Biograf Sub til små sale m/1x18" 2042H,300W

Cinema Subwoofer System The 3635 subwoofer provides natural low-frequency sound quality for music and dialog in small cinema applications.

JBL 4642A | Biograf Sub 2x18"2241G i 4518A kabinet.

4642A Dual 460 mm (18 in.) Subwoofer System The JBL Model 4642A is a high quality subwoofer system, featuring an advanced technology 460 mm (18 in), low frequency transducers mounted in a direct radiator, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to the lowest audible frequencies. The 4642A is ideal for low-frequency augmentation of either analog or digital soundtracks in motion picture theaters and for general sound reinforcement applications.

JBL 4645C(THX) | Biograf High power 800W Sub med 18" 2242H, THX

800 Watts Continuous Pink Noise, 1600 Watts Continuous Program Power Handling. Usable response to 22 Hz (-10 dB, no EQ), flat to 22 Hz (-3 dB) with External EQ. Godkendt til THX®.

JBL 8320 | Biogra Surroundhøjttaler, JBL til mellemstore sale. HUSK: JBL-2516 beslag

Kompakt surround biograf højttaler. JBL 8320 er en kompakt surround højttaler der tilbyder en høj effekt håndtering i et lille kabinet. 8320´erens pålidelighed og mange features gør den til en perfekt prisbillig løsning til dig der søger en god surround oplevelse.

JBL 9320 | Biograf High power surround speaker

12 High power surround højttaler. JBL 9320 er den ideelle løsning for High Power surround fler-kanals løsninger. Passer til mellemstore og store biografsale.

JBL C221 | 2-vejs screenArray, 1 x M115-8A, 2 x 2409H-2

The C221 Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker combines JBL’s latest technological advances with a compact footprint and accessible price point, making it easy to upgrade the sonic experience in your small or mid-sized cinema.
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