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JBL VT4883 | VerTec Subcompact Kardioide Sub m 2 x 12"

Kompakt 12 array subwoofer. Trods sin kompakte størrelse, er der rigelig output i denne sub. Dual 12 Differential Drive enheder, sørger for god sub respons, helt ned til 35 Hz! Robust duraflex finish. Advancerede komponenter fra JBL. Reverse-arrayable.

JBL VT4886 | VerTec Subcompact linearrayhøjttaler.

Subcompact 2 x 6.5” Passive 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element Loudspeaker with 2x JBL Differential Drive® dual voice coil and dual magnetic gap 2166H 165mm (6.5”) low frequency drivers, 4x 2103G 2.5” midrange drivers and 2x 2414H high-frequency 25.4mm (1 in) voice-coil compression drivers. Integrated MF/HF Waveguide with RBI (Radiation Boundary Integrator® and Thermomaster® Technology, Three-way passive network, Patented Integrated Suspension Hardware. Perforated Steel Grilles with Foam Backing, Two Handles. NL8 and NL4 Connectors. Combine to Form Articulated Arrays.

JBL VT4886-AF | VerTec Array frame til VT4886 og VT4883

Subcompact Passive Three-Way High Directivity Line Array Element

JBL VTX V20 | toppkasse 2x10" med D2 kompresjonsdrivere

VTX V Series V20 Midsize 3-Way Line Array Element featuring patented D2 dual diaphragm dual driver technology, Differential Drive® LF transducers and ultra linear MF transducers. Includes: (3x) D2415K D2 compression drivers; (2x) 2261H dual 3-inch voice coil, dual magnet 10" transducers; (4x) 2164H 4" midrange transducers. Includes captive suspension hardware. Transportation and handling accessories supplied separately. Weight 40 kg (88 lb). Black.

JBL VTX V20 AF | flyramme for V20/S25

VTX V20 ARRAY FRAME for suspending or ground stacking VTX V20 or VTX S25 enclosures. Includes leveling screw jacks; optional extension bar available. Weight 46.3 kg (102 lb). Steel, black.

JBL VTX V20 PB | pull back adapter for V20

VTX V20 PULL BACK ADAPTER for attachment to bottom V20 enclosure to facilitate rear pull back (compression-style) suspension. Weight TBD kg (TBD lb). Steel, black.

JBL VTX V20 VT | transportvogn for 4 stk V20

VTX V20 Vertical Transporter for transportation of up to four VTX V20 enclosures in a vertical column. Includes: dolley board with four tour grade casters (2 locking casters per dolley board). Reinforced protective cover (VTX-V20-VT-CVR) supplied separately.

JBL VTX V20 VT CVR | polstret træk for 3/4 stk V20

Reinforced, padded protective cover for 3x or 4x VTX V20 enclosures when transported vertically. Features: Handle cutouts, heavy-duty zippers Modular design, can be used with 3x or 4x VTX V20 enclosures Rear panel access flaps for input connectors Speaker cabinets can be tested without fully removing the cover

JBL VTX V25 | toppkasse 2x15" med D2 kompresjonsdrivere

Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Array With Fixed Angle ASM Suspension The VTX V25-II is a full size 3-way high-directivity line array element that includes a new 4th generation waveguide which improves long throw performance, wavefront control, and is an improved power match for the Crown IT4x3500HD. The transducer compliment for VTX V25-II is two 2000W 15" Differential Drive® woofers mounted in die cast aluminum baffles, four 8" Differential Drive midrange transducers firing through a patented (RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator®), and three revolutionary D2 Dual-Diaphragm Dual-Voice-Coil Compression Drivers loaded onto the newly designed waveguide. Patented rigging, Crown I-Tech HD amplification with BSS ® OmniDriveHD V5 Processing, and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ configuration and control software complete the system package.

JBL VTX V25 AF | flyramme for V25/S28

Array Frame used for suspending or ground stacking VTX V25 series enclosures. The VTX-V25-AF is also compatible with the VTX S28 dual 18” subwoofer enclosures. Includes height-adjustable leveling feet for ground stack applications. Optional VTX-V25-AF-EB extension bar available.


Factory-approved manual lever hoist for compression of VTX V20 systems. The CM Series 653 for use with VTX V20 is a 3/4 ton model with 20’ of chain length for compressing arrays of up to 20 cabinets with no additional extension hardware needed. Included: 1 x CM Lever Hoist (3/4 ton rating) with 20' of chain