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BLUSI | BLULink optioncard fär Si

The BSS BLU-SI card is a 32 x 32 interface between Soundcraft Si Series consoles and the BLU Link digital audio bus. The card allows connection to a wide variety of Harman products equipped with a BLU Link interface such as BSS London BLU 800, dbx® PMC or Crown® PIP-BLU interfaces amongst others. BLU Link is a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels which using standard CAT 5e cabling gives a distance of 100m between compatible BLU Link enabled devices.

Calrec Apollo Broadcast Mikser

Apollo provides unsurpassed processing power, with unrivalled resources of up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxes.

Calrec Artemis Broadcast Mikser

Artemis has a flexible and intuitive control surface, incorporating colour, touch and tactile controls. This intelligent system covers DSP modules, control processor modules, router modules and all PSUs.

Calrec Brio12 Broadcast Mikser

Brio er den mest kraftfulde og kompakte digitale broadcast lydmikser i sin klasse. Den har et omfattende sæt af features som gør den velegnet til en bred vifte af opgaver i broadcast, selvfølgelig med samme markedsførende niveau af kvalitet, som Calrec er kendt for.